Thursday, March 24, 2011

Great Day Maybe.

     What do I mean by great day maybe?That's means I'm not sure about my day.I don't sure whether it was a great or a bad day.haha.I always lack of idea.like now,I'm still don't know what should I blog and beat around the bush.hey,anyone confused?I'm sorry for making you sick because of my post.gahahaha.
      Ok.I will tell something.I'm malay but I blog in english because I wanted to improved my english language.well,I think I can't speak english well and feel shy to speak english with others because I always made mistake when  speaking english.ya,i know it's normal for student.but i will feel embrassed when other people make fun of me.I will that I was neglected by others when they make fun of me although they don't mean that.I think I'm a sensitive person.yes I am.so be careful when you wanted to be my friend.haha.In the case that you make fun of me,I wont say anything but no one knows how do I feel.haha.I think thats all for today.I'm lack of idea today.bye.see you again!

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