Monday, April 18, 2011


What exactly is meant by perfect?.Do we perfect? ​​Are the people around us perfect?Are all people in the world is perfect? No. Of course nobody is really perfect in this world . Perhaps we are seeing only the physical one is perfect, but not necessarily he is PERFECT, right?
     Well, if nobody is perfect in this world, why are some people who are proud and arrogant? Maybe they just feel that they are PERFECT.But are they aware?From where comes all that PERFECTION? I could only shake head to see the arrogant people They like to make fun of others.Should they do that? they should be aware, the people they making fun is also a creature of God's creation,If they making fun of them. is it not the same just as they making fun their creators?
     Is making fun of another person benefit us? No.So, we must always be aware. If we are handsome/pretty rich of etc.Not means we're PERFECT. we can't insult other people while we are not perfect though.Its right?Believe me. the bad traits  can destroy our future. . Good luck * thumbs up *. 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Templates

Yeah . Did you see new templates ? Yeah . I do this template on my own ! hehehehe . But this is not my official blog . if you want to see my official blog please go to http://adelah-ela.blogspot.com . Gotta go now . see you again !

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Just Admit It Friend.

    Yeah.Just admit it friend.Just admit that you are angry with me.If you hate me and don't want to be my friend anymore.Just say it.Dont treat me like this.I dont like that kind of person.Who like to hide everything and always lie.
     If you hate me,just say it.ok?I feel very sad.Why do you treat me like this?What I've done to you?Please tell me so I know what to do.I wanted to know what I've done.If I've hurt you,I'm sorry.Please forgive me.I'm really sorry.But please...dont treat me like this.
       We're bestfriend.Do you remember how I meet you?Do you remember all our sweet memories?I still remember all of that.Does you know what it means?It's mean I love you so much my friend.I dont want to lost you.NO!!!I'm really sorry for all my mistakes.I'm just a normal human,thats why I always made mistakes.As a human,we always made mistakes.So please...Forgive me..

P/S : In case if you have read this.I want you to know that I'm really sorry although I dont know what I've done.Goodbye.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Great Day Maybe.

     What do I mean by great day maybe?That's means I'm not sure about my day.I don't sure whether it was a great or a bad day.haha.I always lack of idea.like now,I'm still don't know what should I blog and beat around the bush.hey,anyone confused?I'm sorry for making you sick because of my post.gahahaha.
      Ok.I will tell something.I'm malay but I blog in english because I wanted to improved my english language.well,I think I can't speak english well and feel shy to speak english with others because I always made mistake when  speaking english.ya,i know it's normal for student.but i will feel embrassed when other people make fun of me.I will that I was neglected by others when they make fun of me although they don't mean that.I think I'm a sensitive person.yes I am.so be careful when you wanted to be my friend.haha.In the case that you make fun of me,I wont say anything but no one knows how do I feel.haha.I think thats all for today.I'm lack of idea today.bye.see you again!